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Founded in 1999 by Ray and Carolyn Young, Allen Creek Farm is a 20 acre Chestnut farm in Ridgefield, Washington. In April of 2020 the farm was purchased by Chris Vincent and Tonya Meyer. We are starting off fresh to the chestnut industry. Chris grew up on a sheep and timber ranch on the Southern Oregon Coast and his uncle has an organic avocado and apricot farm in Southern California. He had thought retirement would be building cars but could not resist the beauty of the Chestnut Farm and is looking forward to learning more about running a chestnut farm. Tonya Meyer has a medical and teaching background in addition to owning an art gallery. She has a passion for chickens and is looking forward to more room for the very large flock to roam. She is the person that will be answering the phone and organizing the orders. We look forward to becoming a part of the localvore movement but also will be shipping to people that are not lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest.